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Piano Lessons in Sydney

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  • Quality Piano Lessons
  • All Ages and Skill Levels
  • Lessons for Fun and Examinations
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Individual Approach to Students' Needs
  • Practical and Theory of Music
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What kind of music do you teach?

Although the backbone of my teaching is classical music, I can incorporate some jazz and other popular styles into my standard piano lessons.

Looking for a Piano Teacher in Sydney?

Whether you are looking for a structured piano course (preparation for AMEB or other piano exams) or to play purely for pleasure, I help my students to fulfill their potential and gain maximum enjoyment from piano playing.

What is your style of piano teaching?

My pianistic heritage has a substantial Russian influence (please see the about section of this website). My approach to piano teaching is flexible and imaginative, with piano lessons tailored to the individual student’s level, needs and personality. Music communicates emotions. My aim will always be to inspire piano students to connect with the music in seeking what emotions lie behind the notes on the page and teach technical and musical skills to express those. While teaching technical and musical skills is necessary to become a proficient pianist, my lessons include sight reading and theory of music, musical knowledge and aural tests.

How young can my child be to start piano lessons?

I use captivating, well-thought-out ways to introduce young children to piano lessons. Preschool children are nearly always ready for music lessons, but as a parent you will have to help them at home with the musical games they learn. If you are unsure whether your child is ready to start piano lessons, please call me for a free meet up lesson to take your child through some musical activities to assess whether he or she would be able to cope with the piano lessons.

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What piano level does my child need to be?

I teach piano students of any age from beginners to advanced levels. I welcome students who want to complete AMEB or Trinity College of London exams as well as beginners and students who would like to enjoy learning to play piano just for fun.

Why is the piano such a popular instrument for young children?

The piano is a very visual and tactile musical instrument. Learning piano gives an understanding of music, history, and art. It helps students in multitasking, working in an intelligent and time-efficient way, and handling projects easily. By playing piano, young children can develop their fine motor skills as well as their ear. There are lots of research papers supporting the fact that learning piano benefits general education subjects such as maths.

How much daily practice time does a beginner needs?

Daily piano practice is very important, but the amount is less important than the point of practice. Every practice session should have a goal. Practice goals are more important than setting time.

Do I need a Piano?

Students will need a piano in their home for their lessons and weekly practice. Suitable instruments will have 88 keys and preferably acoustic but can be a digital piano. If you don’t already have your own piano, please contact me regardless to discuss your options.

What are piano lessons rates?

$50 for 30 minutes, $70 for 45 minutes, $80 per hour.  For younger children 30 minutes is normally enough. As your child progresses through to higher levels 45 minutes or an hour is usually more appropriate.

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Olga is an exceptionally skilled piano teacher who taught me from Grade One to Grade 8 of Trinity College exams (including both practical and theoretical examinations). I also studied a solo performance certificate. I now practice law in Wellington but still play the piano and sing in my spare time, as well as write songs. I would highly recommend Olga as a piano teacher for all ages (she was my teacher from ages 8-19) and skill levels.

Tara Hauraki

Former Student

We would like to thank Olga for teaching our son Daniel for a year. It gave him good understanding of music theory, ability to read music and to enjoy playing piano. Now he is off to learn other musical instruments which was made easy by learning piano as his first introduction to music.

Olga Alkin


I want to say thanks to Olga for bringing back my passion for piano playing.  It is incredible how much pleasure it is to return to something I have done as a child. Now I have a bit of time to start learning again - it is amazing how a great teacher can guide and inspire.

Gina Berridge

Adult Student